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A brief look into the life of one of Christianity’s many strong female figures:

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A peak at Fr. Barron and Word On Fire Ministries’ upcoming follow-up to their groundbreaking “Catholicism” series:

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Fr. Barron at his best 🙂

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I’m a little late…yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day.  Still, thought you’d find this entertaining and informative 🙂

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Just saw this movie a couple nights ago — I regret not having heard of it until recently.

I won’t launch into a full-scale review or commentary, but I want to say a quick word about I.S. 318.  While the school’s thriving chess team is, in many ways, the main focus of this movie, chess is not the only thing I.S. 318 has to offer.  They also offer their students a variety of great programs in the arts, music, technology, etc…and you get a nice snapshot of these at the beginning of the film.

Plus, they appear to have a very active student government; and whenever their school’s programs are threatened with budget cuts, the students work hard to raise necessary funds — and with remarkable success.

The whole thing reminded me very much of the the story of Eden and God’s original vision for humanity.  When we hear “Garden of Eden,” we typically think of God’s prohibition: “Do not eat from that tree.”  But we tend to become so focused on the prohibition that we forget about the far greater permission given in the very same story.

God gave to our first parents the right and the mandate to cultivate the Garden.  Many of the Early Christian Fathers saw in this His endorsement of the human project — of human flourishing in the arts, sciences, politics, and all of those very exciting things that show forth the dignity of God’s children.

When we talk about educating “the whole child,” we are getting at something much deeper than we think.  Would the world be made magically perfect if a school like Brooklyn’s I.S. 318 was replicated everywhere?  By no means…but I hope you are presupposing my acknowledgement of this in reading this article.  But I do think that in a school such as this, we can see something of the Edenic ideal in action.

One more thing: I was very impressed with the fact that the students in this documentary didn’t whine about their school’s budget problems or sit around waiting for the City to give them more money.  They took ownership for their school, and for the programs that meant so much to them.  That’s another aspect of God’s vision for humanity that we need to recover: Personal responsibility…agency…free will.

Anyway, I’d recommend the movie. (I would also recommend reading the first few chapters of Genesis, but one thing at a time :))

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Here is an inspiring interview with Jean Vanier, founder of L’Arche International.  L’Arche is an organization of communities for people with developmental disabilities, and is founded on a profound philosophy of love and acceptance.

This clip is from the 1996 BBC documentary “Everyman: Science Friction.”

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Wish I had caught this in time — though I can’t imagine the series won’t be released on DVD at some point.  Anyway, I just thought people would find this to be an interesting “peak” into the life of a very unusual (in a good way) woman:

For more info, go to brandonvogt.com/revisions

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