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I am in the process of writing my ingenious reflections (I’m making fun of myself under the guise of self-flattery, of course) on my weekend retreat at a Trappist monastery.  I’m getting there, but the post is not quite ready yet.  My hope is to have it up by Friday.  Thank you for your patience, those of you who are regular readers 🙂

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I am flattering myself a little bit here, because my apology assumes that I have something remotely resembling a “fan base” (I may, but were I a betting man I would happily wager that it does not extend far beyond close friends and relatives).

Anyway, this past week has been tough on me, time-wise.  I was away from home and from all electronic devices this past weekend, and I’ve had to cook every night this week…plus laundry one night.  I have not had as much time for blogging as I would like.

That said, I wanted to reassure my loyal readers (be they kith, kin, or folks with whom I am as yet unacquainted) that I have not fallen off of the map.  Here is a quick preview of what’s coming up:

1. A reflection on my weekend retreat at a Cistercian Monastery.
2. The fifth and final part of my commentary on the movie “Boyhood.”

I’ll try to have something up tomorrow — but I did just find out tonight that I will need to go shopping, so I make no promises.

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In case you haven’t noticed by now, I’ve added a new tab.

Previously, I added pages to organize all of my movie-related posts and all of my posts dealing with religion and spirituality.

“Humor/Social Commentary/Other” is my final “indexing” page, and includes links to posts that don’t fall into the other two categories.

At some point, I may add a page featuring links to some of my favorite websites.  But until then, we’re up to date.  Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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I’ve added another new page up top called “Religion/Spirituality Posts.”  It has a complete list of all of “Into the Dance” posts that focus on topics of religious and spiritual interest.

One problem though: As you will notice, the “search” bar is blocking half of it!  Does anyone know how I can fix this?  Any advice would be immensely appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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As you can see up top, there is now a fourth tab on “Into the Dance.”  Click on this, and you will find a complete index of all movie reviews I have done on this site, organized chronologically and with links to individual posts in every multi-part series.

I intend to create other indexes for “Into the Dance” contents in the near future.  I figure this should make the site a bit more user-friendly.

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Some of my more faithful readers may remember that I set up a page called “Coming Soon” seven months ago.  Though I will leave that page intact, on the off-chance that anyone should be interested in reading my early reflections on the “Man of Steel” and “After Earth” trailers, all trailer reviews will now be posted on the home page.

That’s all for now.  Stay tuned for another “Coming Soon” entry in the next few days (maybe even tomorrow).

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I recently had the privilege of talking with Ronald F. Maxwell — director of the Civil War epics “Gettysburg” and “Gods and Generals” — and Bill Kauffman — author of such books as “Dispatches From the Muckdog Gazette” and “Bye Bye, Miss American Empire” — about their collaboration on the upcoming Civil War era film “Copperhead.”

As I’ve mentioned before, I write for my community’s local newspaper, “The Batavian,” on a per diem basis.  And since Kauffman is a local author, this was kind of a big deal for us.

Kauffman and Maxwell wrote and directed this film, respectively.  Set in in an Upstate New York hamlet in the Spring of 1862, “Copperhead” explores life on the home front during the Civil War.  It chronicles the plight of Abner Beech (Billy Campbell), a farmer who takes a stand against the war and, in so doing, attracts the ire of his community.

Here is the link to the article, which offers (through the insights of Maxwell and Kauffman) a nice inside look at the movie:


The film is set to be released June 28.  For more information and to find out how you can bring the film to your local theater, go to http://www.copperheadthemovie.com.

Note: Let me stress that my work for “The Batavian” is in no way related to “Into the Dance,” which is a merely personal blog.

Image obtained through a Google image search

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Happy Friday!

This marks the 100th post on “Into the Dance,” which seems to have garnered a small-to-modest following on WordPress.  I would be remiss if I didn’t express my gratitude to regular “Into the Dance” readers.  Thank you for your “likes,” comments, and above all for spending time with me as I share my modest thoughts on faith and culture.

Here are some of the topics I plan to cover in the near future:

1. Autism

autistic child

April is Autism Awareness Month.  Autism is a topic of special interest to me — in fact, I wrote a book on the subject a few years ago.  My intention is to write something about autism, disabilities in general, and/or both.

2. The Environment/Nature


Earth Day also falls within the month of April, so expect to see something dealing with environmentalism, care for creation, and how this fits within the worldview of the Catholic Faith.

3. Motherhood and Womanhood

MotherI know, I know…you’re probably thinking: “This is a guy talking — what does he know about being a woman or a mother?”

I claim no “expertise” in this area.  But I thought it would be appropriate, in light of Pope Francis’ recent insightful comments on women as the first messengers of Jesus’ Resurrection, to reflect on the role of women in the life of humankind and in light of the Catholic Faith.  Look for something on this topic in the month of May, wherein falls Mother’s Day.

And finally, last but not least…

4. More Movies


Given that I set this blog up primarily as a forum for film reviews (though I did say I would be commenting on other topics as well), readers may be assured that more commentaries on films both recent and not-so-recent are on the way.

Again, thanks for your readership.  I will conclude with a final thought: The Christian story and the traditional Christian worldview are much deeper, richer, and relevant to the heart of every human person than most people realize.  If my posts have helped, if only in a very small way, to offer a glimpse into this…well, then I will consider my efforts blessed.

All images from Wikipedia

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I have just added a new page to “Into the Dance.”  It is called “Coming Soon,” and will feature short reflections on trailers of upcoming films.

Whenever I see a movie in theaters, I will try to offer my thoughts on the upcoming movies advertised (as long as I have not done so already, of course), so check the page periodically for updates.

My first reflections are on “After Earth,” a sci-fi thriller starring Will Smith and his son, Jaden, and “Man of Steel,” director Zack Snyder’s new Superman flick.

You can access these by clicking on the new tab at the top of this page, but here is the direct link: https://intothedance.wordpress.com/coming-soon/

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After my Dec. 16 post (https://intothedance.wordpress.com/2012/12/16/invitation-nine-day-prayer-for-newtown-and-sandy-hook/), I contacted Dr. Gerard Nadal, author of the blog “Coming Home.”  He encouraged me to share each day of the “Novena to Our Lady of Lourdes for Healing the Wounds of Newtown and Sandy Hook” on “Into the Dance.”

Starting tonight, I will post the prayer for each remaining day of the Novena (it is now Day 4).  I invite anyone who is interested to pray along with the rest of us.  Remember that a different group of people affected by this tragedy is prayed for each day.

I may choose to post on another topic each day as well, so keep your eyes peeled for both.

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