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I’ve been working on my first official “Game of Thrones” post.  Of course, I had meant to have it up by tonight, but it undoubtedly needs more work.  I hope there are some fellow perfectionists out there who understand how hard it can be to craft a truly good post.  Please be patient as I give it a little more time to “breathe.”

In the meantime, as we reach the middle of the work week and continue to plow through, here is a great quote from the Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen that I think everyone can agree with:

Bp Sheen

The average American is physically, biologically, psychologically and neurologically unable to do anything worthwhile before he has a cup of coffee.  And that goes for prayer too.  Even sisters in convents whose rules were written before electric percolators were developed would do well to update their procedures.  Let them have coffee before meditation.

-From the book “The Priest is Not His Own”

Photo from http://www.wikipedia.org.

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