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It occurs to me that I’ve been absent for three days, which is a longer length of time between posts than I have had since I started actively posting on “Into the Dance.”  In part, this is due to my having been working on a story for my community’s online newspaper, for which I write on a periodic basis.  Apart from that, I suppose tiredness was the main factor.

In any case, please forgive my absence.  Apart from Sunday (which is my customary day off) and the occasional Saturday, I will attempt to resume my habit of posting each day.

At the risk of seeming lazy, I’d like to share another video.  This is a recent video featuring legendary football coach Lou Holtz.  Many people have seen it already, but I thought it would still be worth sharing.  It’s a well done video from “Catholics Come Home,” a media apostolate geared toward Catholics who have wandered away from their faith:

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