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Two days away from Father’s Day, here are my picks (as with the “movie moms,” these are listed in no particular order):

1. Chris Gardner (Will Smith), “The Pursuit of Happyness”

Pursuit of HappinessYet another film based on a true story, “The Pursuit of Happyness” tells the story of super-dad Chris Gardner.  A single and homeless father, he overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles to give his young son a better life.  If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and do so (or read the book on which it is based).

2. Guido (Roberto Benigni), “Life is Beautiful”

benigniIn his Oscar-winning 1997 film, Benigni tells the story of an Italian Jewish man imprisoned with his son in a Nazi concentration camp.  In spite of the horror of it all, he finds a way to make the experience fun for his little boy, keeping him from the dangers of despair.

3. Jim Halpert (John Krasinski), “The Office”

HalpertJim Halpert is the reason I decided to combine movies and TV for this one.  While Jim’s marriage had some rough bumps over the final season of the hit NBC show, in the end he proved to be a great husband and father by his active willingness to turn away from a promising career in sports marketing in order to focus on his family life.  Giving up one’s passion for a career one is less than thrilled with (in Jim’s case, being a paper salesman) is no easy thing, but it is a mark of a great father that he has his priorities straight.

4. Augusto Odone (Nick Nolte), “Lorenzo’s Oil”

Lorenzos_oilI included Augusto’s wife, Michaela, in my “Movie Moms” post.  This movie is based on the true story of Lorenzo Odone, a seven-year-old boy diagnosed with an incurable, terminal disease that is little-known to medical science.  Both of his parents are medically illiterate, and yet they push themselves to the brink and beyond researching their son’s condition, eventually coming up with a promising treatment (if not a cure).  Therefore, it would be unfair to leave Augusto out.

And finally, a selection you might not have expected…


5. Splinter (Kevin Clash), “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (1990)

teenagemutantninjaturtles_groupYes, the radioactively mutated rat who hails from Japan and claims as his home the sewers of New York City makes my list.  As the adoptive father and lifelong mentor of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Splinter has given his entire life to them and taught them everything he knows.  What is more, his love for the half-shelled quartet remains perfectly intact in spite of their many quirks.  I’m sure any parent can easily relate to that.

There you have it.  If anyone has any other great “movie dads” in mind, please feel free to share!

“Lorenzo’s Oil” poster from Wikipedia; remaining images obtained through a Google image search

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