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This is the final installment in a three-part series.  For parts one and two, click here

Let’s get right to it: Theologically speaking, what’s so special about being a girl?


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Christian-AnastasiaI can think of no better way to start than by quoting the hypothetical question with which I ended the previous post, “Why ‘Grey’ is Not Okay

“But wait a minute,” you ask.  “Maybe the stuff you’re saying is true, but what about when it’s two consenting adults?  Doesn’t that pretty much neutralize your objections?”

Not at all.  The informed consent of two mature adults makes a difference most of the time, but there are some things that even consent cannot justify.

First of all, the kind of behavior connected with BDSM (bondage/discipline and sadomasochism) sex is harmful to both partners.  The dominant partner reduces himself to a brute, while the passive partner — if she consents willingly — reduces herself to the dignity of a toy (actually, less than that, as most would agree that using a toy to gratify one’s sexual appetites is inappropriate and disturbing).  We must therefore conclude that there is a mutual injustice here, because the passive partner does the dominant partner an injustice by enabling him to degrade himself as well as her.

So consent, rather than making a positive difference, actually makes things worse.

Grandma Kiss“Sri Lankan woman and child” by Steve Evans from India and USA – Sri Lanka. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sri_Lankan_woman_and_child.jpg#/media/File:Sri_Lankan_woman_and_child.jpg

Let us consider for a moment the paradox of the human person: We find ourselves by giving ourselves away.  We are made and called to make a gift of ourselves to others.  This makes total sense.  We are an interdependent species.  We need each other, and therefore each one of us is needed.

But making a gift of ourselves to others demands that we take proper care of ourselves, and that we do our best to preserve our own proper dignity.  If we fail to care for ourselves physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually, then realistically what do we have to give our fellow human beings?  So no one may in good  conscience submit to BDSM sex, because each person owes the protection of personal dignity not only to him/herself, but to others as well.

3D“The National Archives UK – WORK 25-208” by The National Archives UK – Flickr: The Fifties in 3D. Licensed under OGL via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_National_Archives_UK_-_WORK_25-208.jpg#/media/File:The_National_Archives_UK_-_WORK_25-208.jpg

The very same  consideration must occupy our minds in the discernment of whether it is a good idea to expose ourselves to such material.  We must consider whether making ourselves spectators of this spectacle wherein human beings become degraded specimens does not significantly harm our own personal dignity as well.

And with that, let us put “Grey” to bed…though without the ball and chain.

Movie still obtained through a Google image search; remaining images from Wikipedia

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