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This video is from a Youtube user named marcjohnpaul:

With all of the heated emotions that characterize the abortion debate, an essential element of the pro-life movement can easily get lost.  The element in question is celebration.

As I said in my November 22 post, “Celebration and Thanksgiving — Same Thing,” celebration is what life is all about.  The “March for Life,” the pro-life movement’s great annual event in Washington, D.C., brings this truth to the forefront.  It is a celebration of life — all life, whether of babies or mothers, born or unborn, young or old.

Now I know that we pro-lifers can easily be perceived as “finger-waggers,” as people bent on defending “outdated” worldviews without a shred of sympathy or understanding for women who face unwanted pregnancies.  But our message is, at the end of the day, an invitation to joy.

What it comes down to is this: Each and every one of us is responsible for each and every other…even — indeed, especially — for the weakest and most helpless among us.  The obligation to defend life at all levels is not a burden.  Rather, it is a reminder that in the grand scheme of things, not one of us is alone; in fact, interrelatedness goes deeper than we think.  To take responsibility for our fellow human beings is to live out our belief in this wonderful and liberating truth.

And for women facing unwanted pregnancies, the pro-life movement is also an invitation to hope.  While unwanted pregnancies can be terribly painful, we express our care for and fellowship with these women by pleading with them not to give into fear or despair.  We seek to empower them to choose life and thereby not only give the world more precious children, but also serve as beacons of hope themselves.

Here is another Fr. Barron video — if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, watch up until 4:30.  Fr. Barron offers a great explanation of the Catholic view of creation, the ontology of which explains the proper roots from which zeal for life should come.

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