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SkyIt never occurred to me before that the colors of a lightly clouded daytime sky resemble the traditionally depicted garments of the Virgin Mary…

St. MaryI wonder if whenever we look up to enjoy a blue sky, we should be reminded that Mother Mary is always lovingly watching over us.  She has, after all, been made Queen of Heaven and Earth.  Precisely because she of all creatures surrendered herself to God most totally, she has been exalted to the position of the highest creature in God’s universe — not so that she may enjoy this status for her own sake, but so that her children may obtain many graces through her intercession.

Something else occurred to me in reflecting on the sky and the Blessed Virgin.  Where does the sky get it’s light and splendor?

The sun.

Likewise, from whence does Mary get her glory and splendor?

The Son.

Indeed, as the Catechism says, Mary “is the burning bush* of the definitive theophany” (CCC 724).

And because of that, because the Son of God became flesh through her, she is reverenced even by the angels.  And because of her unique closeness to the Most High, her protection may be most perfectly trusted.

* A reference to the burning bush from which God speaks to Moses in Exodus 3:2-4:17

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Just some pictures from my daily travels:

SkyAn interesting cloud formation (center)…

Water…and the surface of a small lake.

The generative powers of both air and water (not to mention their respective beauties) have been known to mankind for ages.  And in John 3:5, Jesus describes Baptism in terms of being “born of water and Spirit” (air, or breath, has often been used as a symbol for the Spirit).

Who ever said nature wasn’t “evangelical”?

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