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Well Disney-Pixar managed a modern-day classic with 2003’s Finding Nemo.  Normally I would say: “Quit while you’re ahead” (that’s why I’m apprehensive, to say the least, about the proposed sequel to Frozen).

But co-writer/director Andrew Stanton appears to have put the last 13 years to good use in further honing his talent.  Finding Dory retains much of Nemo‘s charm, while taking the story in some humorous and surprising new directions. (more…)

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Young red-haired boy facing away from camera, stacking a seventh can atop a column of six food cans on the kitchen floor. An open pantry contains many more cans.

Not long ago, I mentioned that I was working on a website related to autism spectrum disorders.

Well, it’s ready.  I am very excited about it, and I hope you will join me in this new adventure!

The website, Forming Horizons, is intended for people on the autism spectrum (of all ages) and their families, teachers (as well as other professionals), and employers, as well as any other interested parties.

Disclosure: I have Asperger Syndrome myself.  Between sharing my own experiences and dialoguing with the various parties affected by autism spectrum disorders  (ASDs), I hope to play a small part in the bigger conversation being sparked by the increasing prevalence of ASD diagnoses.

I would encourage you to visit the “About” page first to get a more in-depth explanation of what Forming Horizons is all about.  For recent posts, you can go straight to the homepage.


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